Apollo TMS Therapy System – Alt

The story of Apollo

An easy-to-use confidence inspiring design for both the operator and the patient. The Apollo butterfly symbolizes the non-invasive treatment – awakening from a previous state into enlightenment. The brand name Apollo itself is a type of butterfly and also the Greek god associated with medicine, healing, sun, and light. Apollo – Enlightened by a Butterfly.

The philosophy of Apollo

The objective of the elegant design is to provide a setting in which the patient feels both safe and secure. Its design supports the therapy – by helping to create a comfortable atmosphere for the patient. Clearly recognizable controls leave no doubt as to the simplicity of the system’s operation. These lead the operator through the therapy and create the confidence necessary to be able to concentrate on the patient during every second of the process.

Apollo TMS Therapy System™
Treatment Schedule
  • 19 minutes treatment duration
  • 4-6 weeks in a row, 5 days per week
  • Patient is awake and alert during treatment
  • Normal activities possible after treatment
  • No expensive disposables
  • No pay per use system
  • Reasonably priced basic system with upgrade options for possible further FDA cleared protocols
  • Multiple sessions possible during a day
  • Streamlined workflow enables effective handling and saves time
  • Exact cortical targeting even during patient movement
  • Low energy input into the brain thanks to short pulse length
  • Real-time protocol safety check
  • Precise dosing
  • Storage of treatment settings and coil positioning
  • Integrated reporting of all sessions
  • Patient education package
  • Adjustable device positioning
  • Comfortable head rest and neck support
  • Head movement possible during treatment
  • Silent non-mechanical cooling system
  • One coil for both MT determination and treatment
  • Confidence inspiring design
  • Works with most chairs
Design Concept

The Apollo TMS Therapy System is available with an adjustable ergonomic chair, creating a pleasant and unique treatment atmosphere. This chair supports the patient’s back at different angles while the patient may comfortably rest with their feet up.
Customize your treatment environment with the different colors of the Apollo TMS Therapy System™ Chair.
All fabrics are cleanable with standard disinfection cleaning materials.


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